Friday, June 22, 2012

Coulson Organisation- A Personal Experience!

The growth of The Coulson Organisation solely depend upon the development of its people. Without a strong bias towards recruitment, product training, coaching, standards and quality development throughout every level, no company can move forward. Ben Laws, the Managing Director of Coulson Organisation has his own personal experience to narrate to others.

"I came from a background of bar work and office work, I had never represented a company before or even considered that I would be able to sell or promote a client or service, so for me to embark on an interview for a sales and marketing company was a new challenge. However, once I saw the professionalism displayed by the team within the Coulson Organisation, I was impressed, and I felt that if I could learn, I could succeed.

I started working at the Coulson Organisation in December 2005. I spent my first week in an office in Amsterdam which made me realise the scale of the opportunity the company offered. I had no prior experience in the industry but took a lot of confidence from the comprehensive training programme that took me from my first day in the company, through their business development programme, with one to one support and education from the Managing Director and his colleagues. I liked the idea that I could progress at my own rate, and I did not have to wait to get ahead. I found this refreshing after working with so many companies, where you have to spend an arbitrary amount of time before qualified for a promotion.

On top of financial rewards for my own hard work, I was given more opportunities to travel and develop my own skills, with coaching in a live environment by people who had been through the same experiences that I was facing. I was always aware of the fact that I had a comprehensive support of the network to fall back. We travelled frequently to other offices and meetings to learn best practice and improve our skills at every level of the Business Development Programme. Every day was an education, and I still feel I am learning today.

I moved through the promotional structure of the company from the ground level to Ownership within 18 months. Now I have my own company, which is moving from strength to strength with continual support from the Coulson Organisation network. I would never have dreamed when I answered the advertisement that I could have achieved the things I have since I joined the company. Not only have I developed my abilities in management and presentation skills, but as a result of running my own business, I now enjoy a lifestyle  remarkably few people in their fifties, let alone their twenties could hope to have. The opportunity that I was offered and took has changed my life and will continue to do so as we develop both nationally and internationally over the coming years."

-Ben Laws, Managing Director