Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coulson Organisation – A Direct marketing Company that discovered the potential of human commercials

Human commercials are the oldest form of marketing and propaganda and it enables the businesses to forge personal relations with the customers. Coulson Organisation Ltd would help you to make volume sales and brand promotion by catering to the specific needs and marketing potential of the customers. Founded in the year 2000, Coulson has a strong presence in the direct market realm and is well suited for small and medium organizations that do not have a full fledged marketing department to look after their sales and marketing. Many large business houses are also contracting their marketing operations to Coulson so that they could devote more time and attention in their operational activities instead of trying to grapple with the challenging marketing tasks on hand.

Coulson has a prestigious clientèle featuring many High Street brands and business entities who wish to make the most of the powers of direct marketing. A seasoned marketing entity in both national and international markets, Coulson has succeeded in promoting the concept of direct marketing and takes credit to many satisfied customers in various fields like utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security, charities and promotional marketing who have benefited from the direct marketing strategies of Coulson Organisation Ltd.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coulson Organisation – A marketing wizard with a strong social commitment

Dave Coulson, the managing director of Coulson Organisation, raised money for National Deaf Children's Society by sky diving from 12,000 feet. The jump included climbing up to 12,000 feet in a light aircraft, a free fall @ 120 mph that lasted 45 seconds and then deploying the main canopy at 5,000 feet.

Coulson Organisation with interests in sales and marketing, insurance, energy, financial services, high-tech security, field marketing and promotions among others has evolved to be a name to reckon with in direct marketing. Small and medium organisations that do not have an independent marketing set up of their own or businesses that like to relieve themselves from the time consuming responsibilities of marketing, outsource their marketing activities to Coulson Organisation that was set up in the year 2000.

Coulson is one of the best direct marketing companies in the UK with an impressive clientèle that makes use of the power human commercials in enhancing the brand image and sales of its customers. Perhaps what sets it apart from the rest of the players will be the strong social commitment of Coulson Organisation.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make your presence felt in the market with Coulson Organisation

Coulson Organisation is a specialist direct marketing company that offers effective marketing plans to meet the promotional needs of the customers. Contracted to a variety of businesses, Coulson is a great choice for organisations that do not have a full fledged marketing team of their own or who wish to cut down the overheads of marketing activities.

The Coulson Organisation has an impressive clientèle comprising of sectors like utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security, charities and promotional marketing. Set up in the year 2005, the company works the way that suits you the best. We take care to tailor innovative packages that fully address the customer needs and try to get you connected with your core customer group by human commercials, the time tested marketing tool that ensures a personal face to your company. From increasing sales to brand awareness to optimizing resources to maximising the profits of the customers, Coulson Organisation will help you develop a meaningful dialogue with new customers and to make your presence felt in the market.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Experience the power of direct marketing with Coulson Organisation Ltd

Business watchers have predicted that in the coming days, online marketing will evolve as the primary marketing tool to churn the crop of the target customers. Within a short span of time, Coulson Organisation Ltd has made an overwhelming presence in the world of direct marketing. Catering to an array of small, medium and large marketing companies high street banks,utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security and charities Coulson flaunts a customer base of over 30000.

The latest studies have shown that the time spent on tasks other than marketing is costing the UK firms £104 billion a year in time that could be spent growing the business. Coulson will enable you to spend more time on your business without making a compromise on the marketing tasks.

Coulson Organisation Ltd helps its client to get connected with their target customers and to enhance the market share and brand image alike. By making use of some of the best marketing tools like B2B and B2C and trade fairs, Coulson leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the best product campaigns.