Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Experience the power of direct marketing with Coulson Organisation Ltd

Business watchers have predicted that in the coming days, online marketing will evolve as the primary marketing tool to churn the crop of the target customers. Within a short span of time, Coulson Organisation Ltd has made an overwhelming presence in the world of direct marketing. Catering to an array of small, medium and large marketing companies high street banks,utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security and charities Coulson flaunts a customer base of over 30000.

The latest studies have shown that the time spent on tasks other than marketing is costing the UK firms £104 billion a year in time that could be spent growing the business. Coulson will enable you to spend more time on your business without making a compromise on the marketing tasks.

Coulson Organisation Ltd helps its client to get connected with their target customers and to enhance the market share and brand image alike. By making use of some of the best marketing tools like B2B and B2C and trade fairs, Coulson leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the best product campaigns.