Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coulson Organisation - Human commercials at their best

Direct marketing is the most potent medium to develop a direct relationship with your customers and to make the best use of the changing marketing conditions prevailing in the world today. From brand building to sales build up and customer care, direct ,marketing would make sure that you attain all the targets that too without having to be in the helm of the marketing activities. Well suited for small, medium and large organizations who wish to relieve themselves from the complex and challenging marketing activities,Coulson Organisation Ltd would ensure customized marketing plans and strategies to tap the market conditions to the fullest.

Having left its name in the hall of fame of successful direct marketing companies, Coulson flaunts an impressive clientèle of over 30000 satisfied customers in various fields like high street banks,utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security and charities among others. Set up in the year 2005, Coulson has made extraordinary strides in this field and the tailor made marketing packages that ensure the best service and better results have always been the touch stone of this organization. Aptly backed by a team of strong skilled professionals who go to any extent to ensure that the customer targets are met, Coulson has become a trusted name in direct marketing that would ensure regional and national exposure to your brand.

Direct marketing has evolved to be one of the most powerful marketing tools on offer that are no longer mere street corner propaganda or shooting mailers at random. Powered by a team with the requisite expertise and experience, Coulson organization makes use of some of the best marketing tools like B2B, B2C and trade fairs to increase the market share and brand visibility of its customers. The best part is that these bespoke marketing plans will leave you with enough time that could be dedicated for diversifying your business. The tried and tested marketing solutions are right at the end of your arm, so call in the marketing experts of Coulson Organisation Ltd and leave the rest to us.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Saturday 11th September Joe Arkley and Dave Coulson raised over £1200 for the National Deaf Children's Society by sky diving from 12,000 feet.

The jump included climbing to just over 12,000 feet in a light aircraft, 45 seconds of free fall at 120 mph (straight down) and then deploying the main canopy at 5,000 feet. There is a massive deceleration as the sky diver slows from 120 mph to just 20 mph in a matter of micro seconds as the chute opens, leaving a gentle 20 mph decent down to the Oxfordshire countryside.

Direct Marketing Solutions from Coulson Organisation

Direct Marketing is quick and effective; and the best thing is that the tangible results that start showing up fairly early in the campaign can be measured and appropriate corrective measures take. These would leave you with enough time to incorporate any changes into the marketing activities to make it more result oriented and successful. Coulson Organisation Ltd has left indelible imprints in direct marketing thanks to the customized marketing plans and strategies that work fine for every unique marketing need of its customers.

With a clientèle of over 30000 and growing, Coulson organisation is contracted to many high street banks,utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security, charities, telecommunication companies and promotional marketing among others. No matter whether your priority is enhancing your brand image or sales, Coulson Organisation Ltd would help you to tap the target market with ease. By using innovative human commercials, Coulson has set off a customised marketing approach that helps its clients to get connected with the customers in the most intimate and effective manner. From regional and national level to international arena, Coulson can devise plans and marketing strategies for every need of yours.

Direct marketing plans from Coulson organisation helps you to target different recipients at different places at the same time, thereby ensuring faster results. Now you can manage all your marketing tasks without having to support for a marketing team as Coulson Organisation would take care of all the behind the stage activities as well. Direct marketing is at the threshold of making a giant leap in the days to come and going by the updates of industry watchers, it will be the most popular marketing strategy to count upon in the days ahead. Chuck out all your marketing woes by making a call to Coulson and get benefited by the sure fire customized marketing plans from the work desks of Coulson organisation.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Enhance your market share with Coulson organisation

Have your ever fancied to increase your market share and brand visibility that too without having to spend time in devising marketing plans. If yes, then Coulson Organisation Ltd could well be the answer. The direct marketing wizard that helps you to achieve all your marketing goals and targets without having to maintain a full fledged marketing team and a set of marketing professional in your rolls. Wells suited for small and medium scale industries, Coulson organisation will help you to tap into the core markets through some of the latest and innovative marketing media like fairs, B2B and B2C platforms among others. Street corner meetings and choking the customer mailbox with promotional mailers might not always be the right method to get connected with your customers. Coulson utilizes the power of the time tested marketing strategy of word of mouth publicity in a much more organized and innovative mode to enable you to make your marketing more organized and effective.

Coulson Organisation Ltd is being contracted by a bevy of businesses from high street banks,utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security, charities, telecommunication companies and promotional marketing who wish to entrust the marketing operations to someone who is best in the industry. Cost effective and result oriented, Coulson employs personalised marketing techniques that are designed to suit the specific needs of the customers instead of going for a common ready made plan that might not be effective always.

So, call in the marketing experts of Coulson and leave the rest to them. The best thing is that you can utilize your time and effort in your core area of business without being pulled apart by the ever increasing marketing demands.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coulson organisaton helps you to be a market leader in no time

Coulson Organisation Ltd , driven by a young and dynamic team specialized in event sales and marketing, client representation and event organization and management among others is a one stop solution for all your direct marketing needs. We work the way, which suits you the best and cater to your unique business needs and marketing goals.

Coulson tailors sure fire packages,innovative business ideas and smart marketing packages that would notch up the brand value and market share of its customers. The personal interaction with the customers help this marketing wizard to come up with the right product that will meet the marketing needs and challenges of the clients. The best part is that it allows business organizations to utilize their time and effort in their core area of operation as Coulson takes up all the challenging marketing issues to deliver the best possible results.

The impressive clientèle that grows steadily and the successful business campaigns testifies the industry standing of Coulson Organisation Ltd . It caters to a range of business entities including high street banks,utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security, charities, telecommunication companies and promotional marketing. A team of highly motivated marketing professionals and their customised approach to tackle the marketing challenges of their clients have made them a cut above the the rest of the players in the filed.

No matter whether you are a medium, small or a large business group, Coulson would make sure that your marketing goals are well within your reach and your budget. Just call us and be the market leader