Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Customised Marketing solutions from Coulson Organisation

Coulson Organisation Ltd has come a long way since its inception in the year 2005 and has managed to build up an impressive clientèle of over 30000 satisfied customers in the short span of time. Direct marketing has many advantages including effective connectivity with the target audience, measurable results and greater flexibility in changing the marketing strategies anytime to ensure the optimum utilization of resources.

Coulson by making use of some of the most potent marketing tools like B2B, B2C and fairs will help its clients to tap the cream of the customer base in the shortest possible time. From improving the brand image to increasing the sales and launching of products, these marketing techniques can be used successfully in many areas. With a team of self driven professionals behind the wheels, Coulson Organisation Ltd helps you to meet the marketing objectives and targets with the least resistance. Marketing solutions can never be ready made as the needs and challenges vary from case to case. Coulson by stepping into the shoes of the customers makes sure that the clients get what they need by choosing intelligent marketing strategies on a collective format.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enhance your brand image with Coulson Organisation

Coulson Organisation Ltd , set up in the year 2005 has become a trusted name in direct marketing. With a solid experience in customer care and marketing, Coulson uses the time-tested marketing tools of human commercials to give wind to your marketing plans and to get connected with your target audience. Marketing is a strategic game that demands a lot of your time and effort and by contracting your marketing activities to Coulson, you are rest assured of a hassle free and secure future. It helps you to establish and to build up your brands among your target customers and ensure faster results.

Direct marketing ensures faster results, which can be monitored and if need be can be changed to suit the needs of the customers. With over 30000 customers in various business segments including high street banks, telecommunication, insurance, security and charities, Coulson Organisation Ltd will help you to explore new markets and enhance brand image through focused marketing strategies and successful marketing campaigns and promotions.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coulson Organisation - Cash in on the latest marketing trends of today

In a topsy turvy economy where nothing seems to remain stable, you need something special to retain your brand name and customer base. Coulson Organisation Ltd set up in the year 2005 has revolutionized human commercials by making them more targeted and customised. Brand building is not just bombarding the customers with product manuals and fliers or engaging them in street corner meetings.

Coulson Organisation Ltd is well suited for small and medium businesses that do not have a marketing set up of their own or for even bigger companies who wish to make themselves available in the diversification and expansion plans of the company rather than getting stuck in the day to day marketing activities.

Direct marketing allows the users to measure results, change tactics and to place objectives really fast, which helps them to save a lot of time and money. It is a tested tool in test launching new products and to modify the marketing tactics to suit the diverse needs of the customers.

Coulson Organisation has over 30000 satisfied customers in various fields like high street banks,utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security and charities among others in its fold, No matter whatever be your marketing needs are, Coulson would devise customised plans to hit the target customer base with ease. Marketing demands time, dedication and expertise and Coulson will be a good choice for medium and big enterprises to streamline their marketing procedures.

In a tough economy like that of today,profit comes not only from adding new customers but also from keeping what you already have. Target the cream of your customers by adopting to customized marketing techniques like messages, newsletters, banner ads, B2B and B2C tools and sales events.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Coulson Organisation- Targeted marketing to tap the core customer customer base

Coulson Organisation's marketing strategy has always been targeted to the core customer group, which in turn would enable the customers to stay ahead in their sales. Set up in the year 2005, Coulson has imparted a human touch to its marketing solutions to make it more effective and focused unlike the ready made marketing plans that might be off target many a time. Human commercials translate into highly focused and effective acquisitions for the clients. The face to face and professional approach has been a huge success in enabling the businesses to get bonded with their target customers with ease.

A company of difference, Coulson Organisation Ltd is ideally suited for small and medium organizations that do not have a full fledged marketing teams and for those who wish to devote their time for more productive activities of their company.

The biggest advantage of direct marketing is that it allows the clients to gather comprehensive data about consumers based on click through, conversion rate, and user behavior on the site, which in turn would help them to devise and implement strategies and campaigns effectively. This is also useful for product launches to ensure optimum results. Testing enables the clients to retain the best strategies and modify marketing tactics to suit the needs.

Tagging along the highest standards, Coulson Organisation Ltd makes sure that our clients get the best possible results in the shortest possible time. With over 30000 satisfied customers in various fields like high street banks,utilities, telephony, financial services / insurance, security and charities among others in its fold, Coulson caters to the marketing needs of clients in various business lines. The enthusiastic team of committed professionals of Coulson, has played a major role in making it a trusted name in marketing within a short period of time.