Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coulson Organisation- Cycle of development

The Coulson Organisation is pleased the high standards of training, product training and evolution provided to all people who work with them. The company help an across-the-board step by step competence based appraisal programme that they call the ‘Cycle of Development’.

To compliment and reward the high measures of learning provided through the Cycle of Development programme Coulson Organisation also provides chances for people, who meet government standards, to take part in government recognized and funded learning programmes with a view to achieving nationally recognized qualifications in areas pertinent to their roles.
Fully Funded QCF Qualifications include Diploma in Team Leadership Level 2/3. The intention of this qualification is to impart to the skills, knowledge and overall functioning of Management and Leadership. Its aim is to provide insight into the rationales and methods of Management and Leadership and to aid career progression.

Diploma in Customer Service Level 2/3
The intent of this qualification is to impart to the skills, cognition and total performance of the industry's workforce in an across-the-board organizations. It provides perceptiveness into the principles and processes of the delivery of customer service and will help career progress.