Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Testimonial - Joe Arkley

My time with the Coulson Organisation initially commenced in October 2006. Prior to this I was a retail manager for a well known shoe retail company. I enjoyed my time within the retail industry however soon began to realise that the financial potential in the industry was not what I aspired to and that I would have to wait for others to progress or move on before I could get my next promotion. I decided I wasn't prepared to wait and started looking for another career avenue to explore.

I discovered the Coulson Organisation by chance. The advertisement I responded to “Fun + Hard work = Money” really summed up what I was looking for.

The first thing I noticed about the business was the incredibly fun and enjoyable environment. I was also very impressed by the selfless support offered by everybody I met. This was the complete opposite experience I’d had to my job in the shoe shop. The ethics of the company and the people I were now working with gave me confidence that I was now finally on the right career path. I especially loved the fact that this business offers a fast paced environment with the opportunity to progress at your own individual rate.

My initial progression was incredibly quick within the business however I did come across challenges. The challenges I faced were due to the fact that I had no previous experience working in the industry and still had a lot of skills I was yet to develop. The financial rewards together with the fact I had the support of my colleagues and the Coulson Organisation Managing Director meant that I was able to overcome these challenges quickly.

The skills I have now developed have not just helped me with my career but also my personal life. I have had the opportunity to travel to many different cities and countries and now that I have completed the Business Development Programme I have access to much larger opportunities and find myself having the lifestyle I always wanted.

I am not just grateful for the time effort and money invested into me but also the little bit of luck I had on discovering the business.

Joe Arkley

Managing Director

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Accredited Coaching and Personal Development

The last 18 months has seen a global recession, rising national debts and a huge increase in unemployment. However in the same period of time the Coulson Organisation has expanded from 1 to 3 Marketing Companies - A tremendous 300% growth! However we're not about to rest on our laurels. Our goal and expectation is to grow from 3 to 7 companies within the organisation over the next6 months!

Our approach to business and a key reason we continue to grow while so many other companies stand still is because we have energy, enthusiasm and a positive outlook in everything we do. Where other companies are cutting spending on training and developing,coaching investment continues to be our highest priority. In line with this ethos we now provide people included in our Business Development Programme the opportunity to obtain NVQ's and National Diploma's in areas such as Customer Service, Team Leadership and Management.

"By developing people and recognizing that they are our biggest asset we have seen unprecedented growth in the mist of so much economic hardship. True growth comes when people realize the value of personal development and coaching" - Dave Coulson, Managing Director.

Charity Roadshow By Coulson Organisation

Coulson Organisation now raised over £4.4 million for the charity clients we represent! The British Red Cross £1,510,493, National Deaf Children's Society £466,512, The RSPCA £286,251 ,WWF£314,357, VSO £129,129 .Collectively this is an amazing £4,407,479 raised. Well done to everyone in the organisation who has worked so hard to achieve such great results!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Q Awards

Q stands for Quality.

By Quality we mean signing up a long term donor for a charity.

The longer someone donates to a charity, the more cost effective the marketing campaign becomes for that charity.

At the Support Direct conference in Manchester it was the Coulson Organisation who claimed 4 out of 5 of the awards.

So well done to Ross Stokoe, Cheryl Stevens and Leo Bell all collecting Q Awards. Special congratulations to Ricky Gosling who was number one for quality in the north!