Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coulson Organisation's BDP experience!

Dave Carruthers, assistant owner, is one of those guys who have progressed through Coulson Organisation's Business Development Programme. He is elated with his Coulson experience and shares his experience...

Having finished university in 2008, I wasn’t 100% certain on which career path I wanted to take. I did know that I wanted a long term stable career in which I could progress and develop my skill set at my own pace whilst actually working my way up through a company.

When I started in June 2008, my main goal was to develop and improve my communication skills and with the coaching and support I received, this didn’t take very long and I was promoted to the Business development in just four weeks.

Over the following two years, I developed my coaching and training skills to pass through levels two and three of the BDP.

I have recently completed stage 4 of the Business Development programme where I have learned all areas of recruitment, administration and finance and have now moved onto the fifth and final stage.

I am very excited about completing the programme and being given the opportunity to manage my own location in the near future.